Monday, February 28, 2005

Confession 4: Amazon Confessions


Number of Amazon reviews received over two novels: 13 (erp)

Number of top *****Amazon reviews by author friends (unsolicited, they know how much it means): 4

Number of top *****Amazon reviews by mates (unsolicited): 3

Number of top *****Amazon reviews by complete strangers: 2

Number of bottom bummer * (Heading: "I'm sorry I wasted my money on this book") Amazon reviews by complete strangers (?) (utter bitch cow): 1

Number of times I check my Amazon rating: Once a day. (Part of logging onto computer morning ritual, along with e-mail, (currently 851 highest score yet);;
& 1 game of freecell (sign that writing going well at moment).

Number of times I Google myself and my books: Once a week (very surprising activity. Have just discovered secondhand books on e-bay, a new supplier of narcissistic overload. Recently uncovered a lovely review by an Aussie trying to flog novel. It had had two bids and reached 3 Australian dollars.

Number of times I inspect Once a fortnight. (Disappointing activity, despite having 'freed' one of my own books. It was picked up by a librarian who liked the game but was put off by the primary colours of the OTT commercial cover.)

Number of times I check my mates' books out on Amazon: Once a week.

Number of times I check my rivals' books out on Amazon: Once a month. (Relative: at time of publication this rises to 5 - 15 times a day in tandem with own hysterical ratings obsession.).

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


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