Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Confession 15 Rejection from Academia

No. of new commissions: 1
No. of new rejections: 1
Celebdaq rating: 905

Playing truant:

A day away on Monday, tube to Green Park (author in transit note: NO books, everyone reading METRO newspaper) and out onto Piccadilly. Girlfriend K took me to the Royal Academy for The Turks exhibition and Matisse. Enjoyed Turks but even Matisse and all his colours seemed faded after all the Topkapi goldings and sable-lined kaftans. Loved the kaftans. Have a thing about kaftans.

We had lunch in the Friends' dining room in only window seat overlooking the courtyard and the queues, very satisfying. Then we went to Hatchards Bookshop & Fortnum & Mason. Quite fancied the job at the front desk of Hatchards. Now that I've fallen into the lull of the once-published and perhaps-never-to-be-published-again, I don't have to go and look for my non-existent books or anyone else's. Didn't even look at fiction as it was upstairs or downstairs somewhere and didn't buy anything as I never do, books aren't in my budget. Bought a sausage roll in Fortnums, though. They wrapped it up in embossed greaseproof paper, then sealed it in turquoise parcel with royal crescent and then put it in one of their dinky carrier bags. I wanted to carry it everywhere forever just because it was so ridiculous.

I got back in the afternoon ready to steam into new ideas for novel to find an e-mail commissioning me for the first stage of the web writing job. Hooray. A day's work to begin with, which will take me more like 3 days probably, but if it goes well there could be some more and it's the kind of thing which will speed as I get the hang of it. I have to write commentaries on inspiring quotations so will be putting my amateur philosopher's hat on and driving everyone mad with Lao Tzu and Thoreau words of wisdom.

Today I got a rejection letter from Birkbeck, boos. Had applied to do an MA in creative writing. Didn't even get an interview. Perhaps it's something to do with my CV, 3 O levels never goes down very well. (I was going for the 'mature student' ticket) Am feeling quite fine about it, I don't think academia is for me somehow. If I'd got in and then had managed to blag a grant, what would I have then done with the great big 'I never went to university' chip that lives on shoulder?

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda

Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying your blog.
What are the titles of your books?


genevieve said...

Me likewise, I have a huge backlog of blogs on my reader but had to look at yours and get up to date. It is a riot.
Coming from Melbourne, Australia, I'm surprised more people don't read on the train overseas. There are readers everywhere on our trains, we must be the only people in the world who read on trains I think.
Anyway when I move to Typepad and get my blogroll up to date, you'll be on for sure.Cheers and good luck with Fiction Title 2.

Amanda Mann said...

I am dumb. It's taken me this long to discover how to reply off the mainsail. Just to say thanks so much to both of you. With my friend Debbie I have an audience of 3! Hooray!