Thursday, March 17, 2005

Confession 16 Quotation Madness

No. of new cheques in post: 1
Celebdaq rating: 827

'If you don't learn to laugh at trouble, you won't have anything to laugh at when you're old.' Edgar Watson Howe

What about if you're already old?

I'm a mess of quotes right now. Many of them culled from Have been doing the web job. It took 2 days including evenings, rather than the one day commissioned, but am grateful for the work & praying for more. It's so different writing for internet people. The instructions state the maximum and minimum characters rather than words (characters as in A,B,C) and precise instructions for type and size of Font. I found my 50 quotes and added my supplementary insights and sent them off. Quite mad. My friend K says perhaps I'll become a guru instead of a bus driver come September.

September's the deadline I've given myself to keep on writing, after that I'll have to get a job. I don't know as what, I've forgotten how to do telly work, and am so old they'd probably not have me anyway. There'll be no excuse, though, as daughter will be at secondary school and I won't have to drive her backwards and forwards twice a day.

SPRING arrived today! Glorious sunshine, so threw open all the windows and wished for a laptop. My neighbour had a babygroup meeting in her garden, so constant babble of conversation in background.

'Oh, that's hysterical.'
'It is funny.'
'Going like this.'
'I KNOW!!'
'It's going to involve curry and lager.'

So, this afternoon I got back onto the fiction for the first time after my splurge of new ideas last weekend. I typed up all my notes and blocked the chapters all out onto one file. This made a very satisfying 32,217 wordcount, but more cuts needed. I usually keep the chapters separate but am going to be jumping around so much with the new inserts think this'll be a more straightforward method. Am scared of losing file now. Have copied it onto 2 discs and e-mailed it to self. Must set up weblog file saving thingy except don't know how to.

Got a cheque today for last instalment of my first non-fiction book. There's a payment up front, a payment when you complete and a payment on publication (April). It's early! Unheard of. That's it. No more dues. Lots of stuff going out of the bank and 1 day's pay to go in. I just hope I haven't screwed on it.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

'Every exit is an entry to somewhere.' Tom Stoppard

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