Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Confession 20 A new Amazon ranking!

No. of baby guppys sold in the playground: 1
No. of sightings of new book in bookshop: 1
No. of new Amazon rankings to check every day: 1

Yes, big excitement yesterday as my friend Jean called to say she'd bought my new non-fiction book. She jumped quite high in astonishment when she saw it in Wisley bookshop. wisley/index.asp is the home of the Royal Horticultural Society & the last place she expected to see my name as she ferretted about on the shelves. I rushed to Amazon to find it's first little ranking:


Sorry, but it's quite an author moment, a bit like a baby's first poo.

I don't know if I'll be really annoyed or happy if it sells as I don't get any royalties.

Meantime Novel 1 has had 2 nice reviews on Australian e-bay from people trying to flog it and a BID! of $3Aus from someone called orangedogski. I wonder, in lieu of famous author raves, cover of next bk cld have e bay flogging reviews. No. of bids, that sort of thing.

Good progress on Chapter 6 today. Just one more chapter to tidy up and it'll be back to concentrating on the storyline to get a new synopsis ready.
I'll then look at it again and realise it needs lots more work. Then I'll send it back to agent and have the most miserable few weeks of my life whilst I wait to hear what he's got to say about it.

Daughter's flexing her entrepeneurial muscles, flogging guppies at £1 a piece. Could be lucrative. They're great fish, very entertaining, & lovely to see them living and giving birth naturally without any of that neutering so many pets have to go through. Also, the deaths bring no tears, as we go 'bah it was only a fish' and on with the next litter. Talking of pets, saw a rat in the garden this morning. 'Belongs' to our weird neighbours (other side to baby monitor three for two neighbours) who have an uncanny resemblance to the Royle Family and are classic How Clean is Your House candidates, the kitchen piled with stuff sort of spills out into this open lean-to full of junk. Eugh.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


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