Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Confession 23 Proof-Reading Depression

No. of replies from non-fiction ed. : 0

Have been in the glums the past few days. Yesterday morning I e-mailed this to non-fiction editor about non-appearance of name on cover:

Hi, Bella,

I have just noticed the new cover on my Amazon page. It doesn't appear to have an author credit! I'd be grateful if you could assure me this won't be the case when the book actually appears.

Many thanks,

Kind of light and jolly. No reply yet. Maybe she's still on her Easter holidays. Or perhaps she's not bothering to respond. T.t.t.t. stop it - mustn't get grumpy and moany old bag-like yet. There could, COULD be a genuine reasonable mistake. Saw friend who bought the other non-fiction at Wisley over the hols and heard all the details. Lots of them on display, apparently, face-out and next to Nigella Lawson. What with the women's mag interview, anyone who didn't know would think I'm a fledgling Nigella instead of some nameless slave idiot.

Checked my contract to see if there was any wording in all the millions of words about actually getting credited for writing the thing. Not the sort of thing I ever thought you'd have to include.

Proof-reading-style correcting of novel has been sensationally depressing, throwing me into pits of wondering why I'm bothering at all any more. The odds are so low on it getting accepted. On any book getting accepted in today's climate. Feel like giving it all up now.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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