Monday, April 11, 2005

Confession 29 Agent Contact Alert!

No. of e-mails from agent: 1

Agent e-mails asking me to call him today or tomorrow. What does this mean? The simple answer would be to call him, but I'm savouring it for a day, and by tomorrow he'll have new synops and chapters on his desk so it makes more sense to wait. The real reason is so that I can speculate and not have the horrible let-down happening today.

The old two novels are neck and neck on Amazon today, 52,297 and 52, 545, I wonder if they'll ever get to a bingo situation. The non fiction is sailing spectacularly along at 208,243.

So, am back on the web work today, almost had a Cote D'Azur afternoon, taking my list of quotes out into the sunny garden to suck the end of my pen and dream up my guru-like comments about them.

Day started well. Very well, with a run in the Isabella Plantation. This is a woodland in Richmond Park, it was so beautiful I forgot to huff and puff and ran much further than usual. For an extra ten minutes deviation of route on way home, well worth it. Everyone said good morning, the gardeners, other joggers, which made it even more perfect. It's right up there with the two other truly magical places I've been to in the world, Bali and Ireland.

Am off to a book launch this evening. At the same bookshop where I had my launches, so will be acting like an author again for an hour or so.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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