Friday, April 22, 2005

Confession 34 Back to the Grind

Wordcount countdown: 7,219

Ignored the sunshine (after Isabella run) and got back to it today. Only have till late July to try and get some serious wordcount mileage in. It's final first draft from the beginning time. Final first draft for me means a draft that I would be happy to show someone. It will be bland, with speech not very differentiated, and without much sensory detail. What I'm aiming at is the story, beginning to end.

Yesterday did the plot pointing. Made a file of dividers for each chapter and itemised events which will happen in each chapter, working from the latest synopsis which has many additional story points now.

Of all of Robert McKee's Story , the bit I have noted to follow is this one:

"Look closely at each scene. What value is at stake in my character's life at this moment? Love? Truth? What? How is that value charged at the top of the scene? Positive? Negative? Some of both? Go to end of scene and ask. What is the value now? Positive? Negative? Both? Compare. If answer at end is same as at opening - why is the scene there? Why then? Probably it'll be exposition - conveying information about characters, world or history to audience. If this is the scene's sole justification - trash it and weave it in elsewhere."

I'm terrible with exposition in the early stages, as I'm telling myself as much as anyone what it's all about and where it's all come from.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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