Monday, April 25, 2005

Confession 35 Hag Lit a Go-Go

Wordcount: 11,364

This is rewriting words, not brand new ones. Did four chapters today. Partner now chipping in by getting up for the school run, this gives me an extra TWO HOURS in the morning and no excuses for mucking around on the internet. It also means bye bye to Isabella morning runs for the moment, but must get as much done as possible in next few months.

Interesting programme on radio yesterday about fiction for older women. As this is the market I am now attempting to tap into, I listened with interest. There was a woman from Transita a new publisher who specialises in this area, agent has already mentioned them to me as a possibility, and another woman who didn't see why this new genre had to exist at all. She said snootily something about chick lit for older woman and the Transita woman denied this was what they were doing. WHY? What's so wrong with chick lit?? There's good and bad as in every genre. The best of chick lit has sophisticated writing, with its serious ("literary") themes hidden in the depths, but still there, beneath fun, easy to read writing. This is what I'm aiming at. So I was a bit annoyed at their dismissiveness. They called it HRT-Lit which doesn't have any ring to it at all. I prefer hag-lit myself.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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