Thursday, May 19, 2005

Conf 45 The Wisdom of Insecurity

'One cannot act creatively except on the basis of stillness.' Alan Watts.

It's all very quiet around here. Partner is downstairs at this moment, reading final instalment of the first 20,000 words.

Up here I've been tidying the office a bit, listening to Alan Watts.

I'd forgotten all about Alan Watts, Used to have The Wisdom of Insecurity and loved it, it made a big impact on me in my teens. But, exactly like Tim Lott in his article, I was ashamed of owning this book. Now I intend to catch up again with Watts' online speeches and talks. Zen philosophy is exactly what I need right now.

Ah the verdict is in. 'It's a hoot.' 'I want to know what happens next.' There's also a physics lesson. I'd written 'her centrifugal energy is so overwhelming that, for a powerful fraction of a second, the poles reverse and everybody's repelled...' Beneath this I've been given little diagrams explaining that unlike poles attract, but if poles are reversed unlike poles still attract. Then, I'm told, centrifugal force/energy does not exist. And I get a diagram of a stone and a piece of string - if string breaks, stone flies off at a tangent, not away from the centre. Centripetal force exists - the force in the string towards the centre. Damn. I can't write centripetal force. That's what comes of having an astro-physicist read your stuff.

Last night fine tuned the final text. Put the following words I keep on using over and over into the edit search to get rid of them:

You know
As soon as

Just is the worst.

Right, final corrections now and print followed by exciting excursion to the post office.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you have rediscovered Alan Watts! Me too. is run by Watts' son Mark, who's done a fine job of organizing and anthologizing Watts' many lectures and houseboat talks. Let me recommend the series "The Joker" as a first-rate set to inspire writers of all orders of aspiration. Enjoy!

Eric Yost