Friday, May 20, 2005

Conf 46 Life after Submission

No. of e-mails from agent: 1
No. of new cheques in post: 1

Definite end of term feeling today.

Posted the MS yesterday and e-mailed agent to let him know it was on its way. He e-mailed by return, within a few minutes, saying how much he was looking forward to reading it.

Had an awayday from computer. First, running a three miler with Debbie & Frankie along the towpaths of Chiswick and Kew. It was raining hard first thing but cleared just as we set off. I can't keep up with them but made a good effort for a distance so much further than I'm used to. The trees and flowers were wonderful, & lots of smells because of the rain.

Then we had delicious coffee, chat and banana bread at Frankie's. It was lovely to be out in the world again. I helped at daughter's school in the afternoon, smothering kids' faces with modrock (the white moulding stuff they use to fix legs and arms when you break them) for Venetian masks.

Got paid for the inspiring quotes job today. That's the last cheque due in. Serious. An e mail from the PR lady at the non-fiction publisher tells me a list of newspaper and magazine editor contacts is in the post. I shall be using this to try and maximise my 'cleaning guru' status and go for a column or one-off articles. The problem is not knowing how much effort to put into this. Cold pitching to newspapers and mags is so disheartening.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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