Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Conf 49 Proof Reading Rejection

No. of calls from agent: 0

Proofs for the next non-fiction arrived yesterday. The excitement at seeing such an enormous book, 405 pages, tempered by the realisation corrections were needed by Thursday.

First I met author friend J for a coffee at a little bistro on the Green. We talked about mapping out rest of novel, which I think I'll be starting on tomorrow, with each chapter's emotional story-map laid out to save wasting time writing too much. J considering this too. We both like leaving things open & having plenty of space for story to develop as it develops, but I guess that can still happen, will see...

Proofs an excuse to avoid novel when I returned. Finding it difficult to move forwards with C13 so distractions very welcome. However proofs were real enough. Worked on the first 100 pages and e-mailed in my corrections. There were quite a few. Some content: details had been added which weren't relevant (and daft in some places like this on Noel Coward: 'He epitomized 'Englishness' and despite his camp appearance became an idol for many men) or made a nonsense of what had been written before; some grammar ('her and her mother' is one I remember). This was a job I took over. Rewriting the previous (rubbish) author's entries had to be left to the editor as all my time was spent trying to write the rest of the 405 pages in 6 weeks (it actually took 3 months). Now I see them and realise it hasn't been done at all properly. Anyway, after spending all day on this I get this:

Dear Amanda,

Thanks for checking the proofs so thoroughly but unfortunately I won't be able to make all these changes. At colour proof stage we only correct things that are factually incorrect or glaring spelling errors. I haven't had a chance to go through all your corrections but I know I won't be allowed to make all of these.There are 2 which I feel have to be made: your name change and the contents page numbers are incorrect. Apart from that I'll be allowed another 8 or so max. Best wishes...

So that's me. Illiterate homophobe.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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