Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Confession 39 Guru Part II

No. of new guru statuses: 1
No. of new book deal celebrations: 1
No. of words: 14,560

On the same day that my non-fiction-related interview hit the news stands as YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING CLEANING QUESTIONS ANSWERED and I was elevated in the word of print as a 'cleaning guru', (opening words of wisdom on cleaning toilet brushes, from there on you don't want to know), L from our writing group announced her first book deal. It's no ordinary book deal, in fact it's so extraordinary I can't write about it, it wouldn't be right as it's not my story.


We went over to raise a glass to her on Saturday, a lovely occasion with her husband as gobsmacked as anyone and wondering why people kept on going up to him and saying 'well done' when, he said, he'd done precisely nothing. In fact, having a supportive partner is one of the biggest plusses you can have if you're trying to get on the authorly ladder. A stable emotional background enables you to wreak havok with your characters without personal anxt, not to mention the roof over head business. I've been very fortunate, the only problem is we're both broke now. Oh well, something will give. Hopefully. Didn't make for a great bank holiday Monday. I hate hot bank holidays. Unless something's been planned (which means rain without a doubt) the roads will be clogged, horrible public swimming pools swarming etc etc. All I wanted was to be with lots of trees. Managed eventually to drag family on bike ride but it was hard going.

Have also done script for BBC Last Laugh comp. in 'spare' time. I.E. Should be doing it NOW! It closes on Friday but just ten minutes' worth of text needed.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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