Thursday, May 05, 2005

Confession 40 Agent Gives the Wider Perspective

No. of new responses from agent: 1
No. of words: 17,840

Have had my head down, finishing the sit com ("only ten minutes" hah!). It took longer than I thought to tidy it up and present it properly and it took ages to submit online as I wasn't sure it had gone, via some funny electronic insert, so sent it twice.

It was fun to do, a change from novel writing. I also had to go shopping yesterday morning, to buy things for daughter, which, except for the mirrors, was a pleasant few hours out in the world of shops. Bought the cutest pyjamas in Primark, I shouldn't be buying self anything but they were irresistible. Don't intend wearing them in bed, in fact still wearing them now and will be going out to collect daughter in them in a moment. Wonder if anyone will say 'why are you wearing pyjamas at 7 at night?'

And then heard from agent yesterday, back from US and has moved to new agency now. 'This is definitely shaping up' he says. He had a couple of points I've been working on all day. He wants to see it again with the next three chapters when I've done the changes. I am doubtful he'll send it out before it's finished, which means a marathonload of work coming up before the summer, but once I get onto the new text I'm sure I'll be able to busk it through to the end, so long as the first 20,000 words are fine-tuned I think that will do. Or should I be fine tuning the whole thing and not sending it out until it's completely perfect? Then it can still be rejected. As it's commercial fiction I do think that if the idea is liked and they can see the writing is there it will go, and if they don't like the idea or they think it's been done to bits enough already, it's a scarily emerging trend I'm on, they'll reject it anyway.

Had fun with looking for K's entry but it's not up yet. She's going to be popping up on supermarket screens talking about her book! Could spend hours here, I checked Marian Keyes and Judy Astley. It's a brilliant way to hear how the pros plot as they have to summarise their storylines in a couple of minutes.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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