Sunday, June 05, 2005

Conf 56 Secschange

When you start dreaming about agent not calling it's time to take a raincheck.

Have been doing ridiculous jobs around house all weekend...

Polishing the showerscreen....... ?!

This isn't writing-avoidance. It's Big Decision avoidance. Or, rather, What Do I Do If...... meditation.

I stopped working after my daughter was born ten years ago and have managed to scrape through all this time without taking a proper job. Well, no, I did do a part time TV job when she went to school full-time, but that was a disaster. TV and part-time don't go.

I wouldn't have missed being at home with my daughter for anything. I'd love to be around for the next 5 years of tea-times and all, but now it's time to seriously consider what I'm going to do next. I planned to wait until September before starting work, but I think I might have to do that earlier and hand over school commute to partner. He's still not got any work. We can't wait for ever for that. Friend J asks why I don't teach creative writing at the college. I've done some teaching stints and guest appearances there. But it's not enough income, and my confidence is shot at the moment.

I've been wondering whether I should go back to what I'm trained for, TV, even though hopelessly rusty. Or take a desk job, a real 9-5er which would leave my sensibility clear for the writing in my spare time. Had a little browse on the Net, the BBC is hopeless, they're just making thousands redundant right now. You only have to look at the vacancies in 'production', then the vacancies in 'management'. The more I think about it, the more I think it'll have to be the office job. Found a great agency secsinthecity which has ZIllions of jobs in Corporate Zone Central. Even some night shift jobs, would that work? Many will want 20/30somethings but I could play the mature and responsible card for some of the higher-powered jobs. Do they still have them in the City? Could I dress up as the part? Would they let me in?

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Trace said...

I'm a secretary/receptionist. It's the only job I could do which would leave my mind clear enough for writing. It's more reception than anything else. The least amount of stress, the better for writing. It's not a hugely well paying job but it works for me.

Amanda Mann said...

Thanks for that, Trace. And I agree totally about the stress thing. TV is often insane pressure. The more I think about secs, the more I like it. A dinky little desk, people to talk to, maybe even have a laugh with sometimes.