Friday, June 10, 2005

Conf 59 Ten Reasons Why Agents Don't Call

No of calls from agent: 0
No of calls from temp agencies: 1
Wordcount: same

Five reasons why agent hasn't called (by my friend K):

- he's having a crisis
- he's doing a massive deal for another writer
- he's overwhelmed with work at his new job
- he's focusing on making his first deal in the new place and will get to you later
- he is mulling about the book.

Five reasons why agent hasn't called (by me):

- he hates it
- he hates it
- he hates it
- he hates it
- he hates it

It'll be 3 weeks on Monday. Not a terribly long time for an agent to respond to 20,000 words, but he's always been so prompt before.

The job hunt is making me feel stressed out and teary as well. Posh agent called back to tell me she couldn't take me on because I didn't have the Excel, Powerpoint , Mailmerge skills. She started going on about my CV again, but, guess what, she turned out to be brilliant. So kind and helpful. She told me exactly where I needed to change it and how to shorten it to 4 pages maximum (mine was 10 pages initially!). I had to take the negatives out (like 'can't do powerpoint etc') and that 'typing speed: fast' wasn't good enough. All the writing stuff had to come out, I'd already realised that myself, many companies won't want a writer under their roof peering at all their private docs. Dummm.

I'm going to the jobcentre in a moment, after bank to pay overdue elec bill, to find out about training, maybe there are some 'back to work' intitiatives but am already thinking I'm going down the wrong path. What path AM I going down?? That's what gets me teary. The confusion of it. Anyway, more positive action yesterday. I paid to join the main TV staff agency,

I really don't relish the idea of getting hassled out in a TV situation again but, again, these negative thoughts are based on my last nightmare freelance experience. So it was rewrite the CV all over again, upping the telly, downing the secs, back goes the writing, especially the non-fiction research.

I'm pitching as a Production Co-ordinator and Researcher. I've applied for 5 jobs already, the very first I looked at was a research job for 4 weeks, based right here, in my little pocket of west London. I've also gone for a co-ordinating job on Richard & Judy (application was a gushing fan letter) and a research job on 60s 70s and 80s rock legends.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


genevieve said...

Two weeks? Does he have a partner or a small baby? hopefully there is a likely explanation.
Amanda, I have sent you a quizzy time-waster thing - check out my blog post here for details

if you are interested. PS my blogger blog is old, this is my 'new' site.

genevieve said...

I'm sending the blog address again, the post is called Vital Statistics on the Move: