Saturday, June 18, 2005

Conf 64 A Writing Prize Arrives

No of words: 0
No of writing prizes: 1

I've been working on C1 this morning. Enjoying it again now the pressure's off. Fiddling with words, changing little things here and there, then suddenly shifting a whole chunk somewhere else, and going 'well, look at that now.'

My friend K kindly ran her eye over the first 3 chapters. Be brutal, I told her, and she was. I've dealt with her comments on C1 but won't move on to C2 until I read C1 all the way through without a hint of a wince. One of her major points is wanting to know who this person she's reading about IS, right from the start.

I have to admit, the reason I got to the computer early this morning was to check my soaring blog traffic reports. This is because blogGod grumpyoldbookman wrote some supportive words about me posting my royalty report. It's great to be acknowledged for doing this, but it's only because I'm keeping on the anonymous side of the fence, to do it face on the screen would be another matter. He also mentioned my friend Jacqui Lofthouse's new blog This Stubborn World and wonders why he hasn't heard of her historical novel The Temple of Hymen. All of us who have read it wonder why it's not better known. It was to be another few years before Sarah Waters hit their desks and cleaned up on that front. Not that I'm putting her down at all, I loved Fingersmith, it's just that Jacqui's work is more than equal and no-one's heard of it.

While daughter was away on school adventure trip, a mysterious big brick of a parcel arrived for her. I had to look at it for three whole days till she got back to see what was inside. It turned out to be a Collins dictionary & CD rom, a prize for coming second in a poetry competition. There was a copy of the magazine, Writer's News, too, and a little photo of her inside, and a little biography and her poem, which is called The Zoo. I'd forgotten all about her entering that (off her own bat, I hasten to add). I'd only bought the magazine because my friend Kate was on the cover. I'm tempted to steal the prize and keep it in the office here, but it must stay in her room where she can look at it and be proud of herself. Have you looked at an up-to-date dictionary lately? The one I'm using doesn't even have the word computer in it. This one has websites and under 'Text' a whole list of text messaging translations, like it's so much more than 2DAY & B4N, IYKWIMAITYD.

She went straight on Amazon & looked up poetry manuals & so the creaking credit card flew out of my purse to get her The Poet's Manual and Rhyming Dictionary and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing Poetry. All well and good, so long as she doesn't get any ideas about writing a novel.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


paulv said...

Howdy--I'm one of the members of the increased traffic to your blog. I've gone back to read all the posts in order (I'm through May--will get to June soon). Thank you for writing this stuff, I'm really enjoying it. (I just talked about your blog in my own, if you want to take a look...) Please keep it coming.

Jacqui Lofthouse said...

Amanda (whoops I almost wrote your real name),

At last I've worked out how to post here! Many thanks for the mention of 'Temple of Hymen' and your support of that book and my new blog. I'm determined to get it out there again in a new edition one of these days. Not that anybody from Bloomsbury will be reading this, but I should let you know that it was Hamish Hamilton/Penguin who published it so badly; the consolation prize was that they got lots of big-wigs to comment on it, so the literary acclaim is there, now all I need is a new publisher with vision! The same goes for your latest project... Thank-you Jacqui

Anonymous said...

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