Monday, June 20, 2005

Conf 65 CV Hell

At The Independent an interesting Boyd Tonkin interview with Pete Ayrton, founder of Serpent's Tail, which has been raking in the prizes lately:

"Serpent's Tail, like several of its similarly-sized peers, has profited recently from the ruthlessness of gimmick-driven conglomerates in letting go fine mid-career novelists whose sales failed to hit the mark. 'Many wonderful authors with track-records and lots of skills are becoming available,' says Ayrton. 'I wonder if the larger houses, with their obsessive concentration on youth, are making a serious mistake. They are handing us very experienced, professional writers.' "

Grim day filling out application form for job in local government whilst heatwave raged outside. It took me nearly all of my writing time from 9 until 2.30. By the end I was completely fed up with tossing beaurocrat form-mania with all its poxy person specifications numbered from 1 to 16 which I had to bullshit my way round. How on earth would I ever manage working there all the time? But it's local, and, more importantly, term times only, and, in typical local government style, paying vastly more for paper-creating than any normal place.

The first thing partner said when we got inside the U2 stadium last night was 'damn, I forgot to bring my earplugs'. Still, he enjoyed it as an occasion I think. He sweetly got together a clotted cream, strawberries and champagne tea as a send-off. Daughter wasn't sure either, bemused by the massive size of the place. I think she'd have been happier staying home and playing with his Father's Day paintball gun present. Still, I enjoyed it, I liked the way they moved as much as anything, not the prancing, there wasn't much of that actually, for a rock band. Both Bono & The Edge have this beautiful lyrical sway to them. Incredible that 4 people can create such an atmosphere in a place that big.

It's my writing group meeting tonight, I'm not sure what to read. They've heard C1 too many times, but it is different now so maybe I'll bore them with it again.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Elizabeth said...

I love your blog and thank you for sharing your publication history. Usually when I'm not writing (or pretending to write) my WIP or, God forbid, actually doing some grown-up paid business writing, I do neurotic stuff like steam-cleaning the terrace. Or painting walls. It makes my husband nervous so I'm sure he'll be pleased I've found you, too.

And you took my mind off the half-finished packet of Jaffa cakes in the kitchen cupboard so my childrne will love you, too.

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