Thursday, June 23, 2005

Conf 67 Mulling

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'Hop, skip and jump, like Alice over the hedges between the chess squares.' Susan Hill

Some progress. Moved to C2. Have now printed 1 - 3 on hard copy and will work from that till I think I can get it no better. Am then thinking of taking some big leaps in time, backwards and forwards.

Susan Hill:

'Don't look down. That's the trick. I never do. And as for the dull bits, I realized, with even more glee quite some years ago, that what Greene says about James and technique is true in a very special way:

"The moment comes to every writer worth consideration when he faces for the first time something which he knows he cannot do. It is the moment by which he will be judged, the moment when his individual technique will be evolved. For technique is above everything else a means of evading the personally impossible, of disguising deficiency."

The novelist can do anything, is all powerful. As the child says at age for our five, "You can't make me do anything I don't want to." It's as true for the novelist. I simply do not have to do the chores, write the dull bits. I leave them out. Leave the reader to make huge leaps. And the best thing of all is that it works far, far better. It is boring to read a book in which we are made to plod anxiously all the way from A to B. Even more boring to write one.'

(The Agony and the Ego, Ed. Clare Boylan)

Am also considering returning to a schedule: 1,000 wds a day stuff, otherwise it all feels too daunting.

Got to get moving on the job hunt. Am beginning to think productionbase a waste of money. Zillions of keen, bouncy people are trying to get into TV, I'm old and flat and not particularly bothered, it's only because that's where my experience lies. Changed hunt to copywriting, just as hopeless. Oh DEAR!

Another 'how to' piece of advice I'm mulling on:

'Find out what you most want to say and then try very hard not to say it. This will give your writing a secret agenda. Writing with a secret agenda gives prose a pulse, a hidden but very real sense of animation.' James Friel (The Creative Writing Coursebook, Ed Julia Bell & Paul Magrs)

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