Monday, June 27, 2005

Conf 68 Standing Back

No. of words: 4,248

Hooray, off the ground.

It's been a few days of unusual activity and enforced calm. Both daughter and partner away on Saturday night, Sunday morning so I had my first experience of Home Alone for nearly eleven years. I had so many plans. An early evening cruise to Tate Modern; early to bed with hot chocolate, biccies and books; more writing; watching the Richard Curtis TV play Girl in a Café. I ended up watching half of that - I enjoyed it until it got to the political bit, and early to bed without the hot choc (too hot outside). I was too tired to go anywhere like an art gallery after a party day at the Topleys on Friday, way down in Hampshire.

I got up early on Sunday and worked on C3. C's 1 & 2 fairly there now. Will leave them for a week or so. Am stepping back on the writing front for a few days. Had a bit of a mini-crisis meltdown yesterday, panicing about all and everything & am under instructions to take a few days off. Have booked a massage for Wednesday & am trying to make myself stay away from the computer. I've got to balance writing with other things.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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