Monday, July 04, 2005

Conf 71 Blue Skies and Nightingales

'He who feels inflated must have been a bubble.'
Lao Tzu

Weekend camping in the New Forest has given a refeshing new perspective.

We are not Normal Campers, despite having 5 types of cooking stove, four types of inflatable mattress, 3 of the the softest down sleeping bags money can buy and two tents. I am reluctant, though, to call us ex-campers as I love tents and all the outdoors. The last big trip was to the Italian mountains when daughter was a baby. Camping with a baby is hard work PLUS, so that's when it stopped.

Now baby is nearly 11 and this weekend was her friend Claud's birthday party in the forest. She and four friends had their own tent (our Tent No. 2) in the trees surrounded by wild ponies and a wilderness to build camps and run free. Most sites, in the UK anyway, drain the magic of camping, but the Forestry Commisson ones are so big you can get your own spot away from everyone else. Luckily for them in our case as we were those 'other people' you don't want to be near, the puppy barked, the children told ghost stories way into the night and were up at 6 shrieking and laughing.

It was a bit of a twitchers paradise, evident by tents with bird tables and peanut feeders outside. Then a passing camper told us they'd heard a nightingale the night before. I thought they only existed in poems these days. We wouldn't have known how to recognize the song. Like a song thrush, we were told, but with more range.

Now it's a new writing day, was intending to redo synopsis but something else has cropped up. As a result of change of scenery maybe, and horrible visit to a local employment bureau on Friday - talk about humiliation - I woke up with one of those 'Ideas' that come fully formed sometimes. Usually these are radical new plot turns or even complete new story ideas, but this one wasn't anything like that. I quickly dampened the enthusiasm as I made breakfast, it's a simple website idea, bound to be done, bound to have been done a thousand times over. But a quick search hasn't revealed anything yet, and the six-letter domain name is free.

I need some Time Management on this. The first three chapters and the synop are nearly ready to send out, so will spend a couple of hours retraining myself on web design and then get the synop rewrite finished. Or should it be the other way round?

New Forest

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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