Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Conf 72 Word Elimination

No. of words: 6,922
No. of synopsis pages: 4
No. of storyline pages: 9

Nearly there. A few tweeks to do on the synopsis and it'll be in the post tomorrow. Have decided on a mailout of 3:

1. A query letter and synop to editor I met at party.

2. A query letter, synop, first 3 chapters and story outline to the other agent who was interested in me at same time as Agent 2. I haven't contacted her since she e-mailed to say she liked novel 3 & wanted to see more (since postponed for novel 4).

3. As above to
him, as a 'what the heck' really. (Link from maud). He's the agent I went to see with my writing group and sent my very first novel idea to.

Sorry, that link didn't work:

It's astonishing how many words I found to delete today, this from a MS I considered finished. When I put the wordsearches in I found two 'olds' in the first 3 lines! Of my pet over-used words were still:

1 muted
7 really
6 just
2 dust/y

I then found this list and set to again, finding to delete/change:

1 lovely
1 good
1 better
4 big
1 change
1 happy
1 think

This on a MS that's been edited dozens of times.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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