Friday, July 08, 2005

Conf 73 The Real Doc

When major tragedies happen my friend Debbie bakes plate-sized chocolate chip cookies. I tend to sew or make soup. This morning I made a long, complicated minestroné and listened to the radio.

Radio 4's Book of the Week this week has been Under Water To Get Out of the Rain by Trevor Norton. Today's instalment made me stop everything and just stand and listen. One of my all-time favourite, favourite books is Steinbeck's Cannery Row and here was a profile of the real Doc. Wow, he, and Mack and the boys and the rest really existed and I didn't know. His name was Ed Ricketts and he ran the Pacific Biological Laboratory in Monteray. I just heard it again on the BBC's 'listen again' link.

I have stopped writing now and have gone into full marketing mode. Yesterday the synop went off to the editor, today I'll mail the 2 agents. Dug out the e-mail from agent who has already shown interest in my work. It reads far more positively than I remember, partly, maybe, because I had my head turned by the other agent who offered me coffee.

As I really am beginning to think I'm not going to get any sort of a proper job, even the temp agency is being sniffy and I just got a rejection without interview for the council admin job, I'm upping the effort at the writing end. My marketing push is now expanding to include non-fiction again, mailing non-fiction editors who might commission and submitting a children's book which was taken on by an agent once but nothing happened.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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