Monday, July 11, 2005

Conf 75 What Next?

No. of words novel 3: 11,064
No. of words novel 4: 14,012

Have just peeled myself out of my secsy skirt and blouse. After my 1,000 words of Novel 3 this morning, had a temping test at my local Brook Street Bureau. Am sitting here in my Tesco pink sarong now, sheltering from the sun. The good thing about Brook Street is they have all the training packages on site, so I can go in any time and brush up my Excell and Powerpoint skills. Better than forking out for a college or online course, or buying our own packages which we were looking into as well. I was quite proud of my results, actually. I scored 52% on the dreaded Excell, having never done it before, which is plenty good enough I was told, anything above 60% is expert. My typing speed was 83 wpm, 98% accuracy, faster than my shorthand. Now, this means if I typed stream of consciousness non-stop I could write 4,980 words an hour, which would be 39,840 words for an 8 hour day, which would be first draft completed in two days.

Another novel has sprung up in the word-count count, this was novel 3 but is now novel 4, fully-formed but put to one side due to topicality (and therefore less likelihood of out and out rejection) of novel 4. Toyed with insane idea of writing both at once, 1,000 words a day each. Maybe I should just batten down the hatches and finish both in four days?

I've also arranged to have lunch next week with the last producer I worked with at the BBC. Though I've been getting cold feet about returning to TV, I must keep all the options open and explore the possibilities. A thought struck that I might be happy working in the classical music section. Though it's much, much smaller than it was ten years ago, it still exists. I think I could be happy there, floating along the corridors of TV centre wearing long flimsy skirts and sandals with symphonies in my head (the BBC really was like that in the old green carpet days). I production managed a prom concert once, Ravel & Debussy, it was a good experience. Nice people. That's the most important thing now, nice people. It's as good to remind myself that not all arts TV has gone down the pan.

Talking of which, A A Gill on top form last Sunday with this, which I think is the best opening line of any TV review EVER.,,14934-1686216,00.html

Here, more perceptive thoughts on arts TV plus a superb description of the UK's no. 1 joke politician:,,14934-1560728,00.html

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