Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Conf 76 Getting Back to Normal

No. of words: 12,064

London buses and trains are getting back to normal, but the aftershocks are still being felt. Like the tsunami disaster, the scale of the tragedy really hits home when the names and photos of the victims start appearing in the newspapers.

Lots of people are saying they won't let it beat them, that they'll carry on as normal. I was due to take a group of 5 11 yr olds on the tube to Covent Garden next week for a bungee jumping and bead buying birthday treat. This will now not happen. I'm not about to defy terrorists with other peoples' kids.

A mum stopped me in the playground today. She's just back from the US and said she'd read a novel on the plane she had to show me because the writing really reminded her of me. I am intrigued. Who will it be? Anne Tyler! Carol Shields! Marian Keyes! or Amy Jenkins?

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