Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Conf 78 Author Moments

No. of words: 31,202

After weeks, even months probably now, of editing, did the first stretch of brand new words yesterday. Am inserting first-person flashbacks to the 70s which is an excuse for mass indulgence on the memory front & too much timewasting on the Internet today.

Can't really settle to writing as it's daughter's 11th birthday & have had to decorate cake (sugar roses) and fix pass the parcel, with forefeits between the layers (have water poured into belly button and win a sweet), and stuff like that. We're taking 5 of them to an Indian penny pound jewellery emporium in Hounslow after school & letting them shop till they drop. Then it's rope swings in Marble Hill and home for Chinese takeaway.

I've had rare feedback on novel 1 in the past few days, not once, but twice, via two independent means. One of the playground mums, who I don't know well at all, introduced me to her brother as the 'author who wrote that book'. We were somewhere in front of the stage in Kew Gardens listening to the Buena Vista Social Club at the time. Hand flew to mouth in shock. Brother, it turned out was crazy about Bridget Jones so sister had given him a copy of mine and he'd loved it too. He was talking to me about different parts of the PLOT!, unheard of authorly basking for me. Then he introduced me to his wife and then I got to puff up all over again. She got out the champagne she'd been saving for the post-gig party and cracked it there and then, asking me which way I wanted the cork facing and stuff like that. Extraordinary after such a long time with no feedback at all. I don't know how much they'd had to drink by then, mind you, and I hadn't exactly been short of a few glasses, but all the same. A day or so later I decided to check the forthcoming non fiction out on US Amazon & spotted a new customer review for same novel.

** Could Not Finish It.

...unbelievable and silly, the story dragged and dragged. Skip it.'

It's funny how many American reviews like to add that bit at the end. SKIP IT; DON'T, WHATEVER YOU DO BUY THIS BOOK!! (Well, mine anyway.) The English just say 'crap'.

Maeve Binchey once said in an interview that the most important thing to do as a writer was to KEEP WRITING no matter what was happening around you; if you were getting rave reviews, bummer reviews, or (for most of us) no reviews at all - you have to keep on going and remember why you ever started doing this stuff in the first place.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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