Friday, August 26, 2005

Conf 89 Brazilian Beauty

No. of words: 41,869
No. of responses to job applications: 0
No. of new dresses: 1

A few solid days at novel 3 has cancelled the word debt and got me back on track. In 50 days I should have a completed first draft. I'm enjoying it again, things are starting to happen, characters and storylines are developing as I go. I did a fight scene today, which was great. Fight scenes are good value, lots of movement and impact.


Wide perspectives - characters looking down from high viewpoints give the text space
Speed - anything with lots of movement or hurrying along makes the pace of the story seem faster too
Wind - never underestimate the power of wind, even a little cough here and there infuses life
Colour - easily added at rewriting time

I also changed two names and the mysterious sex of an unseen character has been solved. As this novel is set in Brazil, one of my favouritest places in the whole wide world, when I started writing this person, my memory called up
the sumptuous

(something weird has happened to my links, the little box has gone from the top of the page, sorry.. will try and sort out, she's worth a google, though, honestly)

Roberta Close.

Gorgeous isn't she?


Any non-Brazilians out there, take a closer look.... I have some funny memories of filming with her in Rio, of our UK crew ogling her and making eyes at each other before they were told she was a man. When we had to travel to a different location, she came in the combi with us and all of these butch cocky English blokes wouldn't sit near her, they were scared of her, and not a bit confused. Actually, I guess thinking about it, so was I, I think I kept my awed distance too. Anyway, good character stuff.

I'm feeling much more bouyant. Partner took me out today to buy an outfit for my birthday next week. I'm having a small party for my, equally old, friends, and for once can justify buying something completely impractical I wouldn't normally consider. The first stop, T K Maxx, started well with me filling my arms with skirts and tops but it all looked horrific on. I knew I needed something that, as Trinny and Susannah would say, 'looked nothing on the hanger but good on' which left me floundering as clothes buying hasn't been part of my life for such a very long time. Ended up in a fat, flabby sweat & pacing down to Marks & Spencer. Instead of heading for the sale rack I went for the Per Una new collection and grabbed one of the last 2 dresses on a rack. It was the ONE, or I think so anyway, flimsy, sexy, even if I'm the only one who gets it it'll make me feel better.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon

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Jacqui Lofthouse said...

Love your speed; wind; colour; perspectives comments. And what a lovely party last night! Fabulous to see everybody. But most oddly, I've been reading your earlier blogs and find some syncronicity going on; have been thinking much of Rye and Henry James (thanks to Colm Toibin) but also longing to visit Jarman's garden too; did you make it in the end?