Monday, August 29, 2005


No. of occasions worn new dress: 3
No. of surprise visitors from Caracas: 1
No. of words: 46,401
No. of new jobs applied for: 3
No. of responses from prospective employers: 0

Am I onto something here? I type RC and I get five comments! Why? Blog comments must obviously have some spiritual link with London buses. Apart from the lovely Genevieve , who drops a much-appreciated friendly comment every so often, I've had no comments for ages then, all of a sudden, I get 8. And, for 5 of those I hadn't even written anything except Roberta's name. Not that I'm complaining.

Lemon Jelly's Nice Weather For Ducks cheered my day as well.

My real birthday day was yesterday. We had an amazing lunch at the River Café & in the evening Sue brought the dogs Clippie and Marnzie, K & family brought over the most incredible Roald Dahl Revolting Recipé chocolate cake and then, completely out of the blue, our old friend Lorenzo from Venezuela turned up, passing through London for a few hours.

I'm keeping up with the thousand words, though. Still crappy words, but the story is pushing along now. The FOR SALE sign has gone up outside our house, & we're starting to look at stuff on Friday. First call is a riverside flat with a swimming pool. I know, I know, I mustn't let that distract me, but, if this heatwave continues, it's bound to and we'll probably take it on the spot and jump in with our clothes on.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


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Amanda Mann said...

This is me, AM to say hey? it's hapening again. Yes, I know this is what more established bloggers call spam, & most of them obviously couldn't give a toss about what I write, but where does it come from?

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~Deb said...

I get that all the time too---when it rains, it pours, and then, no one even visits. I am obsessed with my site meter too--shhhh...

One thing that I do ---I enable that spell guard to my comment section so that these computerized spammers cannot flood your comments. Go to your options, believe me, your readers will not mind spelling 4 letters to comment.

Great blog by the way--I like your writing!

Amanda Mann said...

Deb - thank you SO much. It's me, Amanda again, not some rich nut or a flogger of Chinese vases. I didn't know these were computer generated. Where do they come from? It's late now, but will take your advice & come & visit you soonest.

Dean said...

It's me, Amanda again, not some rich nut or a flogger of Chinese vases. I didn't know these were computer generated. Where do they come from?

Some clever person has written a program that goes into the comments section of blogs that it finds and posts this sort of crap. As for exactly how it finds blogs, I'm not sure, but now that it knows this one is here, it will keep coming back.

You could add the protection Deb recommends (it's good, and works well) or you could try using third-party comments. I use Haloscan, and don't have problems with comment spam. Of course, that might be because nobody knows my blog exists... :)

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leatherdykeuk said...

Holy Canola, Blogspam!

Happy Birthday for yesterday.