Thursday, September 22, 2005

Conf one HUNdred, as they say in darts

No of days worked: 4
No of words: same
No of electricity bill rebates: 1
No of houses found: 0
No. of new magazine interviews: 1

Deborah Ross is one of my favourite writers. She's the Independent's "other" columnist, the one who hasn't had her novels turned into major feature films and guest starred in The Simpsons. I can't understand why she hasn't written any novels. She's such a natural & so well established she'd get a deal on a synopsis written on a stamp. She was particularly funny yesterday, esp. about all the news headlines reporting the latest pathetic scare edict from doctor busybodies:

"Doctors, what a rum lot. They've lately, of course, been going on about how it's "unnatural" for a woman to have a baby after 35, as if all the stuff they dish out, like chemotherapy and having your organs swapped about, are available down Holland & Barratt".

Fourth day of work today. Officey things are starting to happen. I've noticed there are other people in the building, and bumped into someone in the kitchen today. Well, actually, I went to get myself a morning cup of tea and the kitchen, kitchenette really (shared between different companies on the floor) was full, with one not bad-looking bloke rinsing his mug. No doubt obeying the bossy officey sign over the draining board that says 'Believe it or not, the grey rectangular thing below this sign is NOT a dishwasher, please rinse your own cups and crockery before placing here'. So I retreated & went back a bit later when he'd gone. But the potential for water-cooler type discussion is there, which is a bit shocking after being stuffed away writing books at home for so many years.

I did another TV treatment today & was asked if I'd mind watering the plants if they ever look a bit dry. This I took as the office mama takeover invitation, next I should fill it with biscuits and fruit and 50 different types of tea. Actually he does all that already, as he virtually lives in there. I spotted a sleeping bag in the stationery cupboard today. That brought back memories of my own 86 hour working weeks. Now I'm doing 5 hours a day & long may it last.

Was also joined by a VT editor, I asked him how he was and he replied, 'I didn't have a shower this morning.' - ?

I've been asked to go back on Monday. Does this mean the tide is finally turning? An electricity bill produced a surprise credit note, which cancelled out the annual house insurance demand in the same post, and Family Circle magazine want to interview me on my domestic gurunessness advice. They'll send the questions first then call, which is just as well.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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