Sunday, October 02, 2005

Conf 103: Eat my Words

No. of words: 31,893

After all my protestations at unfickleness, I've gone back to Novel 4. This is the one that's out at the moment. The response from other Big Publisher to Novel 3 (good but not different enough) has prompted this, against the prospective agent's advice who told me Novel 4 was too different a genre to have a list for her to sell into. I think I have my best chance of selling because it doesn't slot in to the known lists, as a newcomer you HAVE to stand out somehow, no matter how good the writing is.

The response from Other Big Publisher to Novel 3 came after an e-mail submission. I also sent her a synopsis of Novel 4 by post about 3 months ago. No response to that. This shows, in my sample of 1/1 that post submissions to big cheeses are less likely to get past their secretaries than e-mails.

We've found a house! Not the big shabby one I fell for. No, this is a small modern one - after all I said about modern houses. It's quirky and on its own at the end of a cul de sac of older houses beside a river and riverside allotments. We called it the Hansel & Gretal house, & it turns out that's what the estate agents called it too (or were they smarming up?). So there are houses for safety's sake on one side, but country bits on the other side. There are lots of trees, which I really was missing here. We can cycle to the nature reserve and to the shops without hitting any roads.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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