Monday, October 31, 2005

Conf 113: Royalty Reality II

No. of words: 36,733
No. of days till move: 4

Rare of rare sightings, an A4 envelope on doormat from old agent. Thought it could be the cover artwork for the Russian versions of the novels (not a blink of communication on those, due out last August). But no, another cheery royalty statement:

Novel 1 pub. 31.03.03

Home sales upto 52.5% 63 £5.99 7.50%PP £28.30

So, for selling 63 books I get £28.30, yippee.

Home sales 52.5-59% 30 £5.99 6.00%PP £10.78

Export Sales -3 £-9.29 7.50% PR £ -0.70

TOTAL £38.38

LESS unearned balance £1069.07

Balance due carried forward to next royalty period £-1030.69

Novel 2

Pub 31 March 04

Home sales up to 52.5% 37 £16.62
Home sales 52.5%+ -20 £-7.19
Export sales PB 9 £2.02

TOTAL £11.45

Less unearned balance £1926.90

Balance due c/f £-1915.45

So my debt on novel 1 has been reduced by £38.38 and on novel 2 by £11.45. Eureka.

Why don't I give up now? Have actually been feeling like doing just that all week. Half term week, lots of interruptions like trips to crowded science museum to see rubbish IMAX (Tom Hanks' Walking on the Moon - don't, whatever you do, bother); surprisingly empty waterslide park etc etc. But even so, had some quiet early mornings to go back to beginning and re-examine my main character, unproductively. So, not only getting nowhere with that, no wordcount dosh to add to tally makes it all v. depressing. Looking at jobs pages in Guardian even more gloomy activity, there's simply nowhere I fit in any more in the telly world. As with the film co. I was writing for, all the other people there were young 'work experience' kids doing it for NOTHING! One guy called in sick one day and the boss asked him if he would therefore come in over the weekend to make up for it.

On the royalty statement glums, I'm not really that down about them, I wasn't exactly expecting a rush on books published years ago after all. In fact, 93 sales on novel 1 purely on recommendation so long after they've been out of the shops isn't so depressing.

I decided to foreign rights e-mail agent anyway to see what the Russian news was.

Dear Amanda,

No sign yet – I imagine that publication has been delayed, but I’ll contact our Russian co-agent to find out for sure. As soon as I hear from her, I’ll let you know.

With best wishes, E

So much is down to attitude towards self. Without a deal, writing feels such a spurious activity, if anyone's going to want to read this... etc etc. Keeping the confidence up is difficult.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


nodamnblog said...

£28 for 63 books, goodness me, I'm being diddled!

Reality statements make you realise that you don't write for money, but for love. Or masochism.

How about this: Advance earned out, with an excess of over £3,000. Three years later - unearned income £92.34. Magic, isn't it? :-)

Keep on keeping on.

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