Friday, November 11, 2005

Conf 116: Chickens and Eggs

No of words: same

No of words: same. No. of words: same. I might as well cut and paste.

Post production work from home v. pleasant, transcribing light entertainment Christmas show, interviewing writers about comedy writing. Fascinating & useful.

Now to read next instalment of My Family & Other Animals for bedtime reading.

"I came to know the plump peasant girls who passed the garden every morning and evening. Riding side-saddle on their slouching, drooping-eared donkeys, they were shrill and colourful as parrots, and their chatter and laughter echoed among the olive-trees. In the mornings they would smile and shout greetings as their donkeys pattered past, and in the evenings they would lean over the fuchsia hedge, balancing precariously on their steeds' backs, and smiling, hold out gifts for me - a bunch of amber grapes still sun-warmed, some figs black as tar striped with pink where they had burst their seams with ripeness, or a giant water-melon with an inside like pink ice."

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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genevieve said...

I've heard that book praised and never got around to reading it. Must have a look, thanks for the excerpt.