Friday, November 18, 2005

Conf 117: Cockatoo Cocktail

No. of words: 38,989

Having enjoyed time without novel noose hanging round neck, but now the routines return. One day on it this week. A slow, painful why don't I give this up kind of a day. Have mostly had excuse of more Guardian stuff then more post prod transcriptions. Opened parcel of tapes hoping for more giggling behind the scenes of Morecombe and Wise and Two Ronnies but instead got documentary about infectious diseases. After I got over the shock I found it interesting and informative to say the least. Immediately started storing raw meat in separate fridge (rather spoils the champagne and chocolate effect but there you go).

It was raining leaves today. Even though have only moved less than half a mile from last house have been taking advantage of bright autumn days to explore area. Highlight today was stopping to admire shocking pink rose peering over a back garden fence. Then seeing behind it a tree of orange crab apple-type fruits being devoured by flock of lime-green parrots. I'd take the camera tomorrow but the fruit will all be gone. When I got back a man over the road boomed 'heLOOOOOOO there!' and I turned round and said called hello and his wife nudged him along.

Fascinating Christina Lamb report on Afghanistan last night on late TV. Definitely on my Christmas list.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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