Monday, November 21, 2005

Conf 118: Quiz Chumps

No. of words: 40,468

Began the weekend leafing through Leonardo's sketchbook at newly- discovered British Library online. All sorts here, including Jane Austen originals and the very first Alice in Wonderland, beautifully written with sketches. Amazing to actually be able to leaf through these pieces of writing sipping morning cup of tea, and see that they really did start as simply that, words on the page.

The computer gets switched on first thing now along with the kettle, for on-line radio, & am using it for more un-work-like activities, not, alas, for more wordcount. Hitting the 40,000-mark should be encouraging, but have actually done a lot more than that so was quite disappointed at new tally. This is because am cutting more crap as I go, which in the end will be a good thing.

The last weekend of autumn, bright sunshiney days. Snow on the way later in the week. We cycled along river to to Twickenham on Saturday, England were playing against the All Blacks at the Stadium. Had stonebaked pizza in empty Zizzi restaurant, did the bits of shopping business and cycled back to sounds of roars from stadium, fantastic electric noise of 60,000-odd people all shouting at once.

Saturday evening saw complete and utter humiliation at the school quiz night with our team of 3 children, 2 published novelists, one astro-physicist and a musically savvy computer expert coming LAST! out of about 15 teams, one of which was completely made up of children. This was further emphasised by our neighbouring table, whose papers we marked, coming first; and us all having to go up and collect a wooden spoon award, which just about demolished the 14 yr old boy, let alone his dad who said he'd never in his life been so humiliated. What we didn't realise was, apart from not having the full number of team members, was that here we were in Twickenham, home of 1,000 pubs, pubs of which a fair proportion hold quiz nights, an even bigger proportion of which have sport, especially rugby, as a par for the course topic. Getting nought in the sports round is what finished us off. Also unforgettable horrors such as us 2 musicos mistaking The Jam for The Clash and partner motor racing fan getting the car question wrong. Never mind, two sportos have already been recruited for next year.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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