Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Conf 124: Sitcomland

No. of words: 48,437

A short tea, banana and crisp break. Am discovering the ins and outs of sitcom writing this week, am not allowed to blog about it or will get fired, but did come across this writerly useful site showing what sitcoms are in development/production right now in the UK:

http://www.sitcom.co.uk/news.shtml . Elton John? Can it be true?

A satisfying leap in wordcount up there, note. More due to some 'found' words than any writing of new ones (MS divided into 3 files, did some rewriting on file 1 & discovered the miscount) . Allowed me to say at our west London writers' Christmas dinner last night 'oh about 50,000' rather than 'oh about 40,000' which felt a lot better. Differing ways to the wordcounts - everything between L who does 500 a day and no more, and C who's gunning for 20,000 over Christmas. Diana is on her first novel, has reached 15,000 & suffering from interruptionitis. Many of them genuine, like bad sex awards and people impaling themselves on the railings outside her flat (she really should start a blog), all of which contribute to her picking and worrying at what she's done rather than moving forward. I advised her not to do that, to keep on going forward forward till she's reached the end, then she can start picking. But this is only my way, everyone has to find their own. When I first started a novel, the euphoria of reaching the end, even though it was seriously Janet & John was a much needed boost. The writing's in the rewriting, and also much of the pleasure of it (I hope, or this one's doomed).

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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genevieve said...

Hi Amanda, great you got some interesting work happening, and a healthy wordcount to boot - just a flying visit, I'm very interested in your remark about using a blog to assist with interruptionitis!! Do you know many writers with blogs in the UK? as poets seem to love them, but fiction writers are less interested over here (Oz). Just wondering - Genevieve