Friday, January 06, 2006

Conf 130: Happy PLR Day!

No. of words: 50,839

Happy PLR day to all UK authors everywhere! I hope you were as pleasantly surprised as I was this morning.

This is our equivalent of Christmas Day, the day sends out its annual divi statements. The Public Lending Right monitors loans in libraries and pays the author 5.57p every time their book is borrowed.
And no, you can't go round borrowing your own books over and over because they take a secret sample of about 25 libraries, which changes every year.

I prepared myself as I opened my envelope, my novels were published several years ago now, and they're paperbacks so many will have been withdrawn to the tat bin. The two non-fiction, although I don't receive a royalty, are eligible, though they're too recent to be included for the whole 12 months. Anyway, this is what it said:

Novel 1 5,629 loans £313.54
Novel 2 8,500 loans £473.45
Non fiction 1 (2 months only) 122 loans £6.80

Making a total of £793.79!!!

Am totally astonished.

And pleased.

And happy.

There's a breakdown of payment bands:

355 authors received top whack £5000
375 received between £2500 and £4999.99
783 received between £1000 and £2499.99
911 received between £500 and £999.99
3,826 received between £100 and £499.99
12,415 received between £5 and £99.99
15,809 received between nil and below £5

I find this totally extraordinary. Even though I have yet to make any kind of impact at ALL as an author, I'm still one of only 911 in my bracket.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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