Friday, January 13, 2006

Conf 131: Doggy Do's and Prizes

No. of words: 54,644

Happy Friday.

Have done my 1,000 words and am off to buy lunch for old friends arriving tomorrow.

They have two very large dogs, Baz and Flossie, which daughter is V. excited about. She now has two virtual Nintendogs, Bingo and Jackie, which I have to take for a virtual walk each morning. If you don't walk them enough, they run away, apparently, for weeks. I can't bear the thought of opening the screen one morning to find them missing. As we have to send our Nintendo DS back to its maker as it has a duff blue line on it, this could be serious. There's a dog hotel, but it's expensive for 2 pooches and she doesn't have enough cash stored up. You get cash by entering the dogs into competitions, and you find presents (I am totally addicted to that bit) on the walks which you can flog.

I went off then to find a link for Nintendog,
to put in (sorry I still haven't mastered the linking system), but got sidetracked by, which could be dangerous.
Drawn to this, and entered comp to win another Nintendog which will have me picking up virtual shit forever more.

Have composed two query letters, which are going out to 2 more agents. This consisted as per format of brief introduction, brief (but bit too fat) para on the story, and brief bit about publications and figures. I included the PLR figures, tho friend who read it over wasn't sure agents would be interested in PLR but I thought it worth mentioning both novels are still in play and being read.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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