Friday, January 20, 2006

Conf 134: Printing

No. of words: 53,429
No. of hours watched Big Brother: 12

Close enough to do the final print, I get to go to the stage. This neat tool hunts down your gremlin words, checking your work for the number of times you've used each word. Having already eliminated my known yukkies: just and well, I got:


which was OK. Dusty's another one I use a lot, and silence. Silence and dust. So, that done, I went to Tesco for some reams of Value paper. Then I come back to tweek the synopsis before posting it all off, only to find lots of bits I should have included in the narrative somewhere. One more day MUST do it.

All has been quiet on the TV script front this week. Just as well, but scary too. Then e-mail came this afternoon, did I want some work to do over weekend, due in Monday morning??? Well, no, not really, but I can't say that so I said yes. This will mean getting up at crack of dawn for 2 days if I'm to have any kind of weekend, and keep up with Celebrity Big Brother, but is not end of world. Am just grateful it's still coming in.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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