Friday, January 20, 2006

Conf 135: Networking

Wordcount: same

An old TV friend who's turned into a feature producer coming for lunch next Sunday. I am priming myself to my ten word one sentence pitch which encapsulates the whole essence of my Novel 2. To be dropped in casually over the cheese and fruit, when it gets to 'so what's it about?' I know virtually all beginner authors think their precious stories would make the best features, and I know that film rights of unknown novels rarely sell, let alone get made. But one of the only ways any of them do sell is through some connection - friend, family or otherwise. The whole TV and film world seems to work like that. So here I am with my very own little link coming to our front door. Bookshelf next to dining table has to be rearranged, with mine and all my friends' novels face out bookshop style. has been blogging about what it's like to have your book (In Her Shoes) turned into a film. But she's just been desparing about box office figures in the US & it seems it has all finished with her feeling slightly floppy about it all, even though it was all so full of stars and well received and distributed and all. It made me laugh reading about her urge to lurk around cinemas wanting to redirect punters from other films to hers. The film equivalent of shoving your own books on the bestsellers shelves in bookstores.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


genevieve said...

A shame Jennifer feels like that as the stars seem to feel they got good opportunities with the roles she 'gave' them. Both strong intelligent leads too. I want to get hold of it when it's out on video here (which is probably part of the problem, innit.)

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