Thursday, January 26, 2006

Conf 136: Another Rejection Day

No. of words: 51,803
No. of new rejections: 1

Talk about quick response:

Agent said he read it almost as soon as it arrived. It seemed to him maturely and thoughtfully done, but for him at least it just didn't seem to ignite into an unforgettable narrative. Without that extra 10% it just wouldn't be something he could get whole-heartedly behind. He's sorry to disappoint you again, but he does wish me the very best of luck with it.

Since sending it a few days ago, the story has completely changed so I'm not too traumatised. I'll probably be more fed up when the next one comes in. The writing does need pepping up to that extra 10%, there are still too many internal thoughts which have slipped through for starters. Handy hint: type 'thought' into wordsearch and cull them out. It's actually me thinking of course and just saying 'she thought' is lazy. Today, sadly for my wordcount, I eliminated the whole final sequence which was too corny. Also have totally new opening sequence which has brought the character into far sharper focus, taps into the zeitgeist & solves my long ongoing is she/isn't she dilemma.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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