Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Confession 130: Buzzword

Words: 51,848

First writing group of the year last night. Two couldn't make it, and three of us had nothing to read. This gave us more time to devote to one reading, which was great stuff, and lots of time to talk about it. I read extract from my frantic agent e-mail, a buggle of 3 paragraphs about what the novel's about. Got some feedback on how I can improve, honing in more on the commercial fiction buzzword of the moment which is, from the land of my well connected friends: multigenerational. That aspect is already very much there, but I hadn't thought of turning the volume up on it. Now I realise this is something that will make the story that much more layered and interesting.

On this point, ripped this piece of funnyness out of S Times this morning for research folder:


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diane s said...

AA Gill uses language better than most people could dream of...sigh. xx