Friday, February 17, 2006

Conf 146: Fonting Around

No. of words: 58,485
Amazon Bingo: -1

Have stopped checking my books on Amazon so regularly, being as there haven't been any new ones for so long. Had a peek today, though, & the 2 novels nearly hit the bingo mark, just one Amazon point away from each other.

Got some more work from Guardian a couple of days ago. This should have been cheering but in present mode of utter lack of confidence, the first thought of course was I CAN'T DO THIS! However, I did, and it's gone, and no 'what is this rubbish?' feedback yet. Will wait a few days before putting invoice in, just in case am in for the chop. Confidence, really, it's all so much about confidence.

Worked on hard copy of novel at friend's house today, babysitting for her younger kids while she took the older ones to a pasta tasting. I changed the font from l4 point back to my normal 12 point before printing, and this may have done it, as whizzed off 1,000 words this evening. Let's hope so.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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