Saturday, March 04, 2006

Conf 155: Ready to Go!

No. of words: 63,834

Saturday saw us in Sutton all day for daughter's korfball tournament. Sutton's horrid, but there are some good places nearby. We snuk off to Mogador for lunch at The Sportsman,

one of Surrey's best country pubs, way off the beaten track, mainly frequented by walkers, horse-riders and visiting Americans who are brilliant at internet research. I used to live nearby. After the long, flat gallop we'd hitch our horses outside and nip in for a half or two. I lived in a hippie-like commune across the heath and sometimes a group of us would walk the several miles in the dark and stagger back again at closing time hoping we didn't get lost. 'You wouldn't do that today would you?' said worried partner. Nostalgia, it gets worse as you get older.

Was interested to read Jacqui Lofthouse's new writing coach blog, all about showing and telling. She shows how telling can be showing, too, which was very useful to me as I've been culling out all my shows into my expanding 'outtakes' file. The thing is, when you write a first draft, you're telling yourself what it's about as you go along as much as the reader, so it's inevitable they're going to be in there.

Read the new chapter one to writing group last night, and now, after a few final tweeks it's ready to go off to do its business, or not, as the fates will have it. I have queried 4 agents. A query letter only, no enclosures, and no sae, my e-mail address if they want to see more. It's the London Book Fair this week, a daft time to be expecting an agent to look at their post, but have decided to do 4 query letters a week, on a Monday, forever more now.

Oh, and this"> has changed my life in one of those satisfyingly trivial ways.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


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