Monday, March 13, 2006

Conf 158: Chapter 6

No. of words: 62,092
No. of e-mails from agents (x 5): 1
No. of e-mails to agent: 1

Reply from the agent I'd given up on. She apologised for slow response, said she enjoyed the chapters I'd sent but didn't think it was quite for her, so she's passed them on to an agent in the company who handles a lot more commercial fiction. She's going to chase her up and tell her there's a newer draft.

So a glimmer of hope, though the fact that I've had no response from this 2nd agent doesn't bode brilliantly well. Still, better than a kick in the teeth and good to start the week. I'm a Virgo and, according to the London Evening Standard all sorts of stuff happens for Virgos tomorrow. Moon and mercury-wise, I think it is. Something starts going forwards or backwards. Supposed to be a time of big change, so let's hope it's for the better. Then a friend told me of another agent she'd heard was looking for my sort of stuff. So, all shyness on the back burner, I sent the 3 chapters and synop.

Up to end of Chapter 6 in the rewrite today. Lots of small changes. Chapter 7 tomorrow.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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