Thursday, March 16, 2006

Conf 160: Link Heaven

Chapter: 16
No. of e-mails from agents (x 7): 0

Author friend Kate popped by yesterday evening for a swift glass of wine. She kindly gave me a quick lesson in blog linking. At LAST! I didn't even know that CNTRL + N opened a new web window. Last week daughter showed me how to check a spelling by right clicking on the word, for years and years I've been going to TOOLS and SPELLING.

Now I can't think of anything to link to of course. Where have I been deviating to today?? The BBC has opened up its natural history film archive for all of us to use as we wish, so long as it's non-commercial use. They've got a mini edit suite over there too.

Did a bit of Commonly overused words editing today. Chucked a few 'abouts' in the bin. Moving onwards on the chapters, not sure if I should spend a day on each chapter and progress, to get the thing finished, which would be another 15 days. Or spend as much time as each chapter demands for a polished, shiny product. Am tempted to go for the first option. The discipline of having to get something finished each day will be good. Can feel a bit of the overall story creeping in above the day-to-day incidents now, which is fun, I just hope it works and isn't rubbish.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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