Friday, March 17, 2006

Conf 161: Barren Day

Chapter: 17
No. of e-mails from agents (x 7) = 0
No. of e-mails today from anyone in the world: 0
No. of phone calls: 4

One of those beached up becalmed days. Chapter 17 is the first of the pigs. If I move on from this rewrite after one day will feel rotten about whole project again, so have just printed it off for about the 3rd time tonight to work on (i.e. scribble most of it out) over weekend.

No communication anywhere day. Phone calls are from

a) the cooker electrician (about 70 yrs old, straight out of an Ealing Comedy)
b) one of those annoying recorded voice sales pitches
c) daughter from school ordering salami snack
d) daughter outside front door tricking me, ('hang on' I say, 'there's someone at the door,' it's me tee hee)

E-mails are easyjet promos or useless job site reminders.

Some days are meant to be like this.

(Daughter interrupts for some Simpsons

First daffodils in the woods this morning, though and all calm and well. We'll have salad, fresh mango and wine for supper and IT'S THE WEEKEND....

Bye bye, thanks for visting, come again soon.

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