Monday, March 20, 2006

Conf 163: Over the Hump

Chapter: 17
No. of new submissions to agents: 1

Read the worrying chapter to writing group last night. Bit of a silence at the end, 'good dialogue' someone said kindly, then we got to it. There was no emotional movement in the sequence, or, as Robert McKee would say, no reversal. In fact, all the sequence, (a fragment of a much longer chapter) consisted of was 2 phone calls dubiously linked together. Airing the problem was the best thing I could have done. By the time I was driving home I knew what to do. Dump one of the phone calls and turn dialogue into chance encounter. You can't get away with coincidences in a story, but I think it's worked OK here. I did wonder about having an authorly day out and going to the scene in Covent Garden and writing in a caff. However, too much excitement and luxury for a time-strapped struggler like me, though will do it before the next draft of that scene is written. Will also treat myself to a trip to the nearby John Soanes museum, a place I've always wanted to get to, have tried dragging daughter/friends several times, but it's never worked out.

The scene is now alive, there are a few extra jokes and the story progresses at several levels. So I ended my writing day today far more positively than I have for a very long time. The greater the problem, the more satisfying it is to solve.

At the weekend we went on a rare outing to north London. Alexandra Palace had a motor show. Bor - ING, except the building was interesting and daughter and I got our way with a mooch around Hampstead afterwards. Actually, I used to be very into cars, and have had several classics. 'Had one of them', 'had one of them' I bragged as we went round. Theoretically the Citroen DS belonged to boyfriend of the time, but he got banned from driving for a year so I got it all to myself. It was gorgeous. I had to resist stroking the shiny version displayed. Sadly cars today are A - B machines, and this is more likely to be the reality of ownership.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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