Thursday, March 23, 2006

Conf 166: Bad & Good

Chapter: 18 (hooray)
No. of job rejections: 1
No. of e-mails from agents: 1

Bad Things That Happened Today

Rejection e mail from BBC re application for my old job. Except I couldn't read it because virus checker had zapped attachment. So phoned them. Heart thumping actually, even though I don't really want the job and it's all a bit of a relief. But all the same, rejection is rejection and pride was hurt. It was the job I DID for 15 years! I said, how come I don't get an interview? Got some corporatespeak fobbing off, told they don't give reasons for rejections at this stage, so am taking it higher, to Freedom of Information Act and The Governors if necessary, shall demand to see my personal file, which you can do now.

Partner clears garage corner and disconnects cooker ready for electrician. Electrician doesn't turn up, and doesn't answer calls.

Realise will have to pay £19 for duplicate driving licence.

Realise travel insurance has expired, and was never renewed last summer, so we travelled all over France with no insurance cover. Maybe this is why am not best candidate for being a highly organising TV person.

Daughter just spilt hot noodles over herself, and sofa, & screamed house down.

Good things that happened today:

Found driving licence in travel docs bag.

Checked insurers on moneysavingexpert and found much better deal.

This evening an e-mail from one of agents I mailed yesterday. Well, not her, but one of her associates who wants me to e-mail first 100 pages of novel.

We shall have a bottle of crisp white wine tonight with our kippers.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.


Lucy said...

Hello Fessing Author,
Love your blog but am utterly intrigued as to who you really are. I guessed Louise Voss at first but your pub. dates don't match. Hmmm. Mysterious! Can you give us a clue?

Amanda Mann said...

Hi Lucy,

Thank you for your lovely comment. Once I'm through the new agent/publisher hurdle I'll be 'myself'. Am staying anon for now so I can write the bad along with the good (if it ever gets good that is) without shooting myself in the foot & frightening potential agents/publishers away.
I can say I'm not Louise Voss, though, but she is a good friend of mine and is in my writing workshop group if that's a clue.

Lucy said...

Fair point...I shall stop being so nosey. Best of luck with the agent/publisher hurdle. I'm an author myself so I share your pain!