Monday, March 27, 2006

Conf 167: Forward Motion

No. of new e-mails from agents: 1 (= total 2)
No. replies from BBC to my e-mail (plus 2 reminders): 0

See the BBC are on the ball then. Have now gone through to Complaints, see if that does anything.

Suddenly busy busy. On Friday had more work scripts to do, was delivered 5 VHS's instead of 4 which meant had to work on Saturday morning as well. However, they're pleased with me and have upped my rate. Also late on Friday, e-mail from another agent. She sounds really nice. She's a one woman show, recommended by my first agent, said she liked the sound of my novel and asked for details of my contractual obligations to my first agent and publisher.

Been too busy to do a final edit, but have now finished TV script work and will give myself 2 days solid to do a final polish before submission on Thursday.

Great weekend, starting on Friday night with PR friend Emma's birthday party. One guy brought a guitar, another, her client and friend Tom Morley, turned up with lots of big African drums and maraccas. We took over the top floor of Pizza Express with an impromptu session of drumming and singing African chant songs.

Then it was mother's day yesterday. Breakfast in bed, a gold heart necklace and a poem written by daughter. It started:

Containing all of my love for you
Is like keeping a bird from singing....

Ah. Then the DVD I'd not hinted at but demanded as my present (to save them having to wonder) Pilates for Life Darcey Bussell, am convinced pilates is the way forward, and until, if ever, I can afford classes, this shall be next best thing. We then tried an Asian fusion restaurant in Twickenham, called Ozone. It was good. Daughter's lacquer bamboo box filled with her choice of food from the menu was completely free & I got a beautifully wrapped scented candle.

Worked a bit on craft craft this evening, after my hour of pilates with my new best friend Darcey. Used Alan Ayckbourne's notes:

"Plan carefully each character's attitude to each other - loving, hateful, indifferent.

Have a clear idea of role of characters before you start. What purpose does this one fulfil? Is he vital? Is there another function in the storyline which this character can fulfil?"

Nowhere near the beginning, but found it useful to do a run-round of my people as they stand.

Most useful was:

"Characters either control their destiny or are innocent victims. Should be clear potential for intellectual and emotional movement."

Also had a sudden panic about Novel 3. It's in the computer and saved on disk, but am not sure where disk is and which version is the latest version. So found the latest draft and e-mailed it to myself. Was surprised, and pleased, to see it stands at 54,528 words.

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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