Thursday, March 30, 2006

Conf 170: Warning: ***** DULL******

No. of rejections in post: 1
No. of new e-mails to BBC: 1
No. of replies from BBC: 2

A buff hand-written envelope in post, ooh party. But, no: ' being incredibly selective about what she is taking on at the moment and feels she will not be able to represent your work successfully. We wish you all the best of luck with your work.' Hand written?

Prepared envelope to send to the agent requesting 1st 5 chapters, but do I hang on to it until I hear from the other one? Or should I bung it in the post anyway? Am never sure about multi-submissions even though everybody says 'send them all out at once'.

The cooker electrician finally reappeared so this morning a BOdourly stench filled the kitchen area next to this desk & so I did Other Things. Boring paperwork, paying bills, checking insurance, hoovering, cleaning dark dusty corners and skirting boards. Discovered my Nat West Advantage Gold bank account covers me and family for 5* travel insurance so hooray we are OK after all. Daughter and I anyway, it says 'partner' too but I wouldn't trust that when the gritty comes to helicopter rescue. Also registered for my free mobile phone insurance and data protection insurance at the same time. I have to pay for this account of course, but if you have an overdraft it works out cheaper than a normal current account, or it did, and I don't have an overdraft any more so am probably paying over the odds.... UGH, anyway was pleased with this mini efficiency effort. Still have to clear post-moving-in (6 months ago now) upstairs cupboards & garage & catch up with accounts.

Wrote to the head of BBC recruitment explaining my dilemma about non interview for job & non-response from his staff. Got an e mail back from him within the hour plus a phone call. He didn't phone, of course, but an assistant who told me they'll be contacting the department and getting back to me. Good. I hope someone gets a bollocking. You can e-mail anybody at the BBC by writing their name with a dot in the middle and then

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon.

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