Friday, March 31, 2006

Conf 171: Bookish Day

No. of new rejections: 1

Letter in post this morning:

Dear Amanda,

V passed me the pages from your manuscript FF which I enjoyed reading. I think you are a good writer and I would be interested to read anything else that you write (or to read outlines or ideas that you are considering writing) but I don't think FF would be very easy to sell. I love the energy in your writing and thought you wrote with charisma about S. But certain aspects of the story - the music business, which for some reason never sells books; the sexual content to some extent, the title and the rural/urban debate which didn't interest me as much as you might have hoped - would make this particular book a tough sell in a very competitive and demanding (and narrow-minded) market.

My opinion is of course only one in a business full of them and you may get very different reactions from other agents. Do let me know if you have other ideas you would like to discuss. I can be emailed at.....'

Hmmm? No sinking disappointment here, then, and I do have another novel to show. She's a good, highly recommended agent from top agency. Should I chuck more wood on the fire and send her the synopsis of other novel now? Or wait to hear what the other 3 say? Wait, I guess, but a one line e mail thanking her for her nice letter & saying I do have something but not actually sending it yet.

Day off today, last day on own before school hols. Slobbed around for an hour finishing Ossie Clark Diaries . Very sad ending. He and his little dog Ossie were familiar faces around the streets of Portobello when I lived there. My friend worked for his great friend Pam & we all went to the same Buddhist meetings for a while. He was an extremely forceful character, hugely entertaining but acid, a bit like Pete Burns from Celeb Big Brother, and I was never brave enough to speak to him. But that experience gave the diaries a bit of a personal edge for me, and his murder at the end was devastating.

Continued with my efficiency-run with trip to bank, shops and library. LOVE going to the library & have returned with goodies galore:

The Log from the Sea of Cortez John Steinbeck

A Man Without A Country Kurt Vonnegut

Story McKee (again)

The Artist's Way Julia Cameron

The London Photographic Atlas

Bye bye, thanks for visiting, come again soon


genevieve said...

Hehe, efficiency run. I do like that. It's exactly how it makes me feel, and god, do we run.
I reckon you've almost sold a book there. Best of luck...

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